Revision Playlist- Part 2

Aloha everyone! I hope you’re all having a great summer. It’s SO HOT in England, so naturally everyone is complaining.😎

About a year ago I made a post titled ‘My Top Ten Tracks for When You’re Working!’. You can see that here if you so desire. Well a whole year later and a TONNE of revision and my playlist has only grown. And grown. And grown. So I thought today I would share some of my favourite revision/work/just relaxing songs from my playlist.

My absolute favourite no words soundtrack this year has been from Tangled. I LOVE this music. I really find that if you focus on the music (if you’re relaxing) it can take you to the exact point of the movie that it was made for. This also makes it prime daydreaming music. My favourites? Kingdom dance, Campfire, and The Tear Heals.

Following this, as soon as my exams finished, The Finding Dory Soundtrack was released. Now Finding Nemo is, without a shadow of doubt, my favourite Disney movie, and the soundtrack by Thomas Newman has been one of my favourites to revise to since I started my playlist. So naturally, I had to get it. It totally lived up to expectations, with a similar style to it’s predecessor and I would say an equal measure of magic. I certainly hope the film is equally enjoyable (no spoilers please).

To finish this list, there’s a wonderful video that I have revised to this year, linked below:

I. love. this. video. It puts you right in the middle of the animal kingdom and it’s just so relaxing. It’s also so great because of it’s length (around 40 minutes) so you don’t really get tired of it. Thankyou so much to disneybachelor for posting it.

That’s all for today, though the playlist is FAR longer. If you’re interested in any more music recommendations, just let me know. I’d also love to hear any of your thoughts on relax/work music, and any recommendations you have!

Have a wonderful day!

Aimee xx



Back again

Hello! Aimee here.

Gosh it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post. I’m so sorry! I hope you’re all feeling great.The good news is I HAVE COMPLETELY FINISHED SECONDARY SCHOOL! No more exams for a whole year 🙂 which means plenty more writing.

So it’s been a while. I’m going to write a more disneyish post in a couple of days but here’s a brief rundown on the exciting things that have happened since I last wrote a post:

Disney released teaser trailers for Moana and Beauty and The Beast. I am SO EXCITED for Moana, but I’m holding out on another Beauty and The Beast trailer before I begin to judge it 😉

WE BOOKED DISNEY WORLD! – Next year we are going for 2 weeks and staying in Port Orleans Riverside. Iamsoexcitedaggghhhh

A-levels happened, creative writing society finished, and we had our prom last weekend. It’s been an insanely emotional past few weeks and it hasn’t really sunk in that we’ve left yet.

How about you? Are you having a good summer so far? If you live in England you’ll already know that the weather here has been so fickle, one minute its a thunderstorm, the next its completely sunny. What’s it like where you are?

As always, I hope you have a wonderful weekend

Aimee x


Creative Writing 7/3/16. The Cat’s Whiskers:

Aloha! Here’s this session’s creative writing piece with the prompt, ‘The Cat’s Whiskers’:

A cat’s whiskers are it’s spacial awareness. It gives it a sense of balance, a sense of “I know where I am. I know where I’m heading.” As the famous song goes, ‘a cat’s the only cat, who knows where it’s at’. I know where I am. I know where I’m heading.

We are born with no whiskers. We begin as blank slates, pores lie empty where whiskers shall grow, given time. Nurture. I know not where I am, I know not even who I am. I know not where I am heading. But as years go by, little by little, whiskers begin to poke through. A millimetre more. We begin to balance- walk without reins, read without guidance, write without guidelines. Speak without our words rushing out faster than we can even begin to comprehend them. A millimetre more. I know where I am. We learn without prompting, we sing without our voices breaking, we laugh without caring, we understand without need of explaining. We go without stopping, we leave without returning, then we grow without realising and now our whiskers are drooping, a millimetre more. Still, we aren’t cats, and we know not where we’re at. I know who I am. I know where I am. I know where I have been. I know not where I am heading. A millimetre more.


Hello everyone! If you have read down this far, then thank you! I’m sorry for being so inactive over the last few months, exams are coming up and stress is really building. However as soon as they are over, I am FREE from school and will be writing a tonne more! I am still reading other blogs as often as I can, so if you want to have a go at the prompt ‘The cat’s whiskers’ let me know how you get on! As always, any comments will be read and appreciated.

Have an amazing week!

Aimee xmickey


On Being An Open Book (Part One)

I am an open book. You flick through my pages, and my eyes betray to you my thoughts as swiftly as they are written. I am an open book; you all peer at my contents while I sit on this shelf yearning to understand the language in which I am written. I am an open book and you cannot begin to fathom my life of reading odd pages of everyone else’s stories, using fragments to make sense of your own. I am an open book and you taunt me, creasing my corners as you skim through me at your leisure. I am an open book but you are a closed reader, wielding your typeface to manipulate my own. I am an open book and you use my words to bend me backwards and break my spine time and time again.

(January 2016)

Aimee x


Creative Writing Society-A Curtain Twitches

Shhh let’s just pretend that I haven’t broken writing schedule! I do have things that I’m working on (some short stories and reflections on life in general) but they’re not ready yet. SO! I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and New Year and here is this week’s (unfinished) creative writing piece with the prompt ‘A curtain twitches’:

Even with the window shut tightly, whispers of a breeze can still be felt on the back of our hands from just inside. Our own personal whirlwind. A little home leaking out, a little world leaking in. The curtain twitches, caught up momentarily in the dance of the draft that is breathing its way in.

It’s funny like that. How we remain inside, safe and cosy, and still we are able to keep a little of our outside. Collecting souvenirs of the world from our windowsill. This storm from America, this gale from India. The hail battering at the window? That’s from Canada, and it looped all the way around Norway before reaching us. So you see Wendy, we’re travelling the world, yes we are, from this tiny little tornado in this windowseat of our stuffy old room.

But we venture out, drawn to more quantifiable keepsakes. A new set of paints for mother from America, a wooden doll from India, a chaotic array of shells from Norway and a coat for Papa from Canada. Filled with new objects, our room has now become an outside of its own. Yet the storm dances on, quite forgotten, as we muse over our collection.

I hope you all have an amazing week!

Aimee xx


A Bell Ringing

Aloha! Today’s post is a kind of short story, written using the prompt- ‘A Bell Ringing’:

Its feathers ruffle a little in the brutal wind that threatens to blow the poor thing away. The lone dove hops sideways, to find greater purchase on the old bell tower. It contemplates the day, and what it may hold, from its perch on the bell tower on this cold Sunday morning. There is no-one to watch, yet the dove stands so tall as it contemplates the future from its precarious perch of the rusty old bell tower on this icy Sunday morning.

Then the bell tower makes an almighty sound as it begins to toll from within the bird’s perch. And it startles the dove out of its contemplation of its hopes for the future. And now there are people to watch as the dove stands, not tall but afraid for the future on the rusty old bell tower.

When the dove flies away, the people remain, to contemplate life, as the wind battles on, on this cold Sunday morning, inside the Church with the rusty old bell tower.

Aimee xmickey

Creative Writing Action Plan

I’m back! What’s more, I have a plan.
So recently I haven’t really been posting. The truth is, I haven’t been writing that much at all, because the majority of my time is spent revising or obsessively checking UCAS Track. However, once a week, every week, I (along with a couple of close friends) attend a CREATIVE WRITING SOCIETY! This is exactly as nerdy as it sounds. We sit around desks, eat dried fruit or vegetables, listen to our writing inspiration song, and then write for 20 minutes about the prompt we are given. Over the duration of this 20 minutes, there is usually a few sighs travelling around the table, as we reflect on how incredibly clichĂ©d our writing is.
And then our time is up. Inevitably, we have one story about the profound wonder of life, a poem about loss, and a murder mystery. Every. Single. Week. We read them out, have a bit of a giggle and go on about our day.
The plan is that every week I’m going to type up everything I write in those 20 minutes. The good, the bad, the incomplete, and the horrendously ugly. Basically I’m going to subject anyone that decides to read this to my unfiltered thoughts on the topic of any prompt I am given.
I’m sorry about that.


It must be so picturesque when you first land on your cloud. A shocked smile defines your face as you peer at your new heavenly support. You allow yourself to bask for a few precious moments in the security of your joy, and for a small infinity you gaze around at the immense landscape all around you. You can see all, look down as life continues blissfully unaware beneath you. You exist as an entity for those moments, separate from normality, separate from yourself and everyone else.

And then you struggle for breath. Normality is so far away, you can barely reach it now you have been cut off from it. You want, you need to get down from this cloud of serenity but your lungs are resisting and you don’t know if they’ll hold up while you take the journey. But the cloud of decisions chooses your fate and begins to disintegrate. You are plummeting back to life. Back to a future that holds something. Who knows what?  Because you can only be taught to fly by falling.

Aimee x


Sunshine Blogger Award and Encouraging Thunder Award


I’m back! Sorry for the madness!

I have recently(ish) been nominated by the wonderful JBelkBooks for the Sunshine Blogger award, and Literary Hellion for the Encouraging Thunder Award! Check out both blogs, I’ve spoken about JBelkBooks before, and they’re both truly wonderful :D. Thank you so much to you both.

The rules for the sunshine blogger award are:

  • Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate some bloggers who put sunshine in your day.
  • Write 11 questions for them to answer.

Here are my answers to the questions left for me:

1.You have to choose one of your senses (sight, touch, smell, etc.) to get rid of. Which one would it be and why?

I would definitely lose my sense of smell. It seems like the least important to me?

2. What are you currently reading? Do you enjoy it so far?

I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice (again) and Persuasion (for the first time) both by Jane Austen, and I love them!

3. Can you read more than a single book at a time? If so, what are your secrets to that? (I can never read more than one novel at a time unless I NEED to)

Yes! I guess I’ve always read more than one book on the go but the most I’ve ever had was 6, one for each part of the day 😀 Just make sure you assign a different time to read each book (morning for one, night for the other!)

4. Do you believe in ghosts?

I don’t think so, but I’m pretty open minded.

5. If you could make one change in your life right now, what would it be?

The amount of homework I have.

6. Do you want a tattoo in the future? What would it be? Or if you have a tattoo(s), what is it?

Yes, I think I would like a tattoo in the future, but only after I’ve worked in Disney. Just a small one though, maybe on the back of my neck or something. I don’t know what yet (it’s a long time away) but perhaps the word Ohana or something?

I skipped a few of the questions because I’ve answered them before 😀

Here are my questions:

  1. What is your favourite book?
  2. If you could use a colour to describe your mood right now, what would it be?
  3. Who is your favourite actor/actress?
  4. Who is your favourite author?
  5. If you had the opportunity to look at your future, would you?
  6. If you had the opportunity to change your thing from your past, would you?
  7. Why did you start blogging?
  8. What is your dream job?
  9. What/where is your dream holiday?

Honestly, I am awful at thinking up questions, so you can all have 9 😀

I nominate these wonderful people:

Natalie Davis

Literary Hellion



Faraday’s Candle


Check them all out if you get the chance, they are all fantastic, and they add a little sunshine to my day 😀

Now for part 2, the Encouraging Thunder Award:

The question is:

Why did you start Blogging?


Honestly, I started blogging for 2 reasons. First and foremost I started blogging because I love writing and just wanted to find a way to write regularly, even if it isn’t all stories or fiction writing, and most of it may be entirely silly. The other reason is I wanted to keep a record of things that I wrote down, little ideas that just stuck in my head. I want to do way more creative writing pieces on this blog, time is my only enemy. I really REALLY enjoy writing my random ponderings down on here, and connecting with other writers that have stories to share at the same time.

How about you guys, why did you start blogging? I nominate anyone who wants to take part in this challenge.

Of course, there is no obligation whatsoever to do either post, so just have fun with it, and if you do decide to write a post, be sure to pop a link to it in the comments below, I would love to see your answers.

Many Thanks,

Have an awesome day!

Aimee x




This is just a post to say that I’m really sorry about the lack of posts recently. Things are a little crazy here, with coursework, uni applications, new jobs, work experience etc etc piling up. I may not post for a few more days, but I have loads of ideas for some poetry, short stories, meaningful posts and, of course, Disney for when I return.

Thanks so much for sticking around!

Have an awesome week!

Aimee x